Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wow sorry!

I'm sorry for not updating more. Its been really busy with student teaching. I actually was really scared there for awhile because I had some very strange dreams there for awhile. I was just too stressed out though, because of everything going on here in WI and with my teaching and working long days and then coaching at night. Basically working 7 to 6:30 with still having more work to do when I got home and then also applying for jobs. I was very stressed out.

But I've gotten better, I think I've become a better teacher and my days have gotten a bit easier because of it. The last two weeks haven't been so bad.

But for now I'm on spring break. I got to golf this morning, first time this year. Only 9 holes but I did shoot a 42 on a par 36 so not to shabby. Anyways I'm so happy that some people found my blog! I never thought people would leave me comments and I have to say I'm so happy some of you have. It just means a lot and I love it! So thank you sooooo much!


  1. A true masterpiece! Thank you for posting this photo!

    1. I've jerked off and came 3 times already looking at those gorgeous boobs and I'm saving the picture to cum many, many more times.