Thursday, December 16, 2010

I need to update more

I really need to get the hang of logging on here and making more blog posts. Part of it was not having a computer for a month, but part is just forgetting to. I need to not do that.

Life is going pretty well right now, money is tight but that shouldn't be the case in a few months which would be huge. School will be done in May. Sucks going back after already graduating. But I did it and should be better off for it.

Well I know this is a dumb complaint, but I have a facebook and facebook just switched the format of the layout of my page. I had seen this from others but it was optional before, now its mandatory apparently. Sucks, I just liked it the way it was before I guess, now it seems cluttered.

Anyone follow baseball? Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies. For a little less money then the Yankees offered him. I guess Yankees fans only have themselves to blame, do you really expect a guy to come play for you have you spit on him? Also I saw that Lee's son is in remission from cancer and I guess this had a big hand in his going back to Philly. Philly had the best pediatric hospital in the nation, and Lee was really involved with them when he was on the Phillies before. My wife, who is a pediatric nurse said that he would have noticed a difference in the care from Philly to Seattle or Arlington, and even New York. So that would be a big deal to have your son within close distance to a hospital like that.

Well what else do I have for you ladies, hmmmmm.....does anyone have suggestions on what I should do with this blog? I'm kind of a rambler, as you can see if you lasted this long. Anyways how about I throw in a sexy picture.