Sunday, April 24, 2011


So tonite I'm just been playing some Dragon Age 2 (which I'm loving) and drinking. I've just been trying to take it easy since my wife is at work and I have the house to myself. (Yes I'm drinking alone) LOL. But some observations from my night are a little crazy.

In Feb I went on a trip where I drank about a case of Miller Lite and I was drunk but still ok.

Well since then I have lost 25 lbs because I've decided I'm gonna try to get back down to my college playing weight.

And tonite I had 4 beers and 1 mixed whiskey and coke and, well I feel pretty damn hammer. I'm still a bigger guy I don't understand how 25 lbs can make that big of a difference but holy cow!

One thing that is nice is I won't have to spend as much on booze. But its also nice to have another reminder that the workouts are paying off.

Wow sorry!

I'm sorry for not updating more. Its been really busy with student teaching. I actually was really scared there for awhile because I had some very strange dreams there for awhile. I was just too stressed out though, because of everything going on here in WI and with my teaching and working long days and then coaching at night. Basically working 7 to 6:30 with still having more work to do when I got home and then also applying for jobs. I was very stressed out.

But I've gotten better, I think I've become a better teacher and my days have gotten a bit easier because of it. The last two weeks haven't been so bad.

But for now I'm on spring break. I got to golf this morning, first time this year. Only 9 holes but I did shoot a 42 on a par 36 so not to shabby. Anyways I'm so happy that some people found my blog! I never thought people would leave me comments and I have to say I'm so happy some of you have. It just means a lot and I love it! So thank you sooooo much!