Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh come to me big boy!

Weird I wrote that last post awhile ago when I was stuck in some snow. I wrote it and meant to post it, it didn't work but was saved as a draft and I must have forgot to hit a button. Oh wells though.

So whats going on in my life? Glad you asked! Sometimes you bimbos just need to speak up and ask me! Duh! Well my life is going pretty good right now, INCREDIBLY busy though but so far very rewarding. Also very tiring, I tend to fall asleep around 9 or 10 now which is much different then the 11 or 12 I've become accustomed too, or the 1 or 2 of college lol. Anyways just wanted to drop by and make a posting, maybe beg for a comment since I don't even have one yet. Hehe

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well Wisconsin, as is most of the midwest, is shut down. Had a friend who works for Kohl's corporate though and they thought they were going to have work today. They were wrong, he couldn't even get his truck out of his apartment's parking lot.

As for myself I have the day off and have already done about 2 hours of shoveling and the results are not so good. I have just gotten my walkway, sidewalk and the end of my driveway shoveled. The lowest point of the snow is about knee height, and there is a drift in my driveway that is over 5 feet.

Currently I'm taking a break wishing I was a woman and could get a man to do all this work for me. Or that the snow turns me into a bimbo! LOL