Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is me

So for those who don't know me I'm basically a sports nut. And for those who really don't know me, this is a TG fantasy blog so if you're not down with that then this is the wrong place for you. Obviously I wish I was a girl. But back to sports. I grew up playing them, baseball and basketball in high school and then baseball in college (where I was all conferece 2 years in a row WOO WOO!!!). I love the Brewers, I'm such a Wisconsin Girl. And yes we do have some wonderful girls here despite all the beer, sausage and cheese. LOL.
Well what else should you know. I'm a little bit ditzy but not to much I suppose. I hope this blog is a fun place for people to visit and leave me comments. ALSO I dodged a huge bullet today and didn't have to go in for jury duty. Now they can't call me for 4 years!!!!!!