Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well Wisconsin, as is most of the midwest, is shut down. Had a friend who works for Kohl's corporate though and they thought they were going to have work today. They were wrong, he couldn't even get his truck out of his apartment's parking lot.

As for myself I have the day off and have already done about 2 hours of shoveling and the results are not so good. I have just gotten my walkway, sidewalk and the end of my driveway shoveled. The lowest point of the snow is about knee height, and there is a drift in my driveway that is over 5 feet.

Currently I'm taking a break wishing I was a woman and could get a man to do all this work for me. Or that the snow turns me into a bimbo! LOL


  1. Living in Texas, I've never had to shovel snow. but it looks like a pain! But we did get some snow fall, just not enough to shut anything down besides the schools.

    The snow never lasted longer then a day how ever, it was never very much.

    But if you find magic snow that turns you into a bimbo, would you please send some my way? maybe over night it through fed-ex. :D

  2. Bimbo snow. Now there's an idea.

  3. Jennifer I'm sending some in the mail, I just hope the bimboness of it doesn't make you forget me!